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Shaping Benchmark Project in Saudi Arabia, KOYO will provide 18 high-end elevators for Eagle Toursim Villa project!


Abha, the highest tourist city in Saudi Arabia, with an average of 2,150 meters of posters, is situated on a high mountain. It is one of the most famous tourist cities in Saudi Arabia, with a resident population of only 30,000, but more than 300,000 visitors from all over the world every year.


Based on strategic cooperation with Abha’s largest local architectural design and decoration company, KOYO and its local partner signed Eagle Toursim Villa cooperation project, providing 18 high-end elevators to help end customers build local high-end tourist villas. The project will also serve as a local representative project of KOYO Elevator, shaping into a local benchmark project.  


KOYO successfully won the Eagle Toursim Villa project, benefiting from the sense of technology, intimate design, high quality, and “love” – design thinking of KOYO Elevator. KOYO Elevator always strongly believes that technological progress each time comes from a sense of humanity.  Every innovative design results from a certain factor which is “love” – design thinking.

Intellectual control

VVVF variable frequency control door machine system can freely adjust the door machine running curve with safe operation and stable quality.


Benefit for comfortable sleep because of low-noise traction machine design, triple car-wall noise-reducing design, and running system noise-decreasing design.

Smooth and comfortable

KOYO Elevator is with smooth running system and comfortable speed operational curve, that is slow, soft, and smooth to start and stop which increases ride comfort.

Flexible application

The rich and colorful car combination satisfies your plural requirement which brings a much more free and flexible building space.

KOYO has always adhered to the business policy of “focusing on customer needs, constantly innovating and changing,” upholding the service concept of “efficient, fast, smooth and high-quality” and continuously meeting growing market demand with high-standard quality products.

KOYO Elevator

KOYO Elevator was founded in Suzhou in 2002. After more than 20 years of accumulation, it constructs an integrated independent research and innovation system including parts research, parts manufacture and elevator production. Core parts cover the control system, traction system, door operator system, etc. It becomes a comprehensive manufacturer with the integration of research and development (R&D), design, manufacture, sales, installation, repair and maintenance, and transformation.

Over 20 years, KOYO always focuses on creating all-scenario vertical transportation solutions based upon elevators. It controls the lifecycle management of elevators and has transformed from rigorous manufacture to technological refinement of manufacture.  It explores a road to smart manufacturing with KOYO style.

At present, KOYO Elevator can independently develop high-speed elevators with a maximum speed of over 8m/s, high-speed elevators which are capable of managing eight units at the same time operating in buildings of 64 stories. The maximum lifting height of escalators can reach 25 meters, and the maximum length for passenger conveyor products can reach 200 meters.  KOYO elevators with refined manufacturing have been well sold in 122 countries including Germany, Italy, USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, etc.     

Over the years, Koyo Elevator has been involved in many major government and landmark projects around the world, and our vertical transportation service network is located worldwide. Whether our products are located in airports or government buildings, KOYO Elevator will continue to support a better life with innovative technology, rigorous quality and efficient services. 

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