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Employee health and safety policy

Safety is the most basic value of KOYO. We always value the health and safety of employees.

Commitments and principles

Safety is omnipresent in KOYO products, services and working methods. We will never take safety lightly or compromise on safety issues.


Every employee shall be responsible for the consequences of his/her actions or inactions. We should always attach great importance to safety in our work and abide by all applicable safety regulations and work guidelines.

▶ Respect the diversity of employees:

We respect the diversity of employees.

We believe that mutual respect and recognition of employees’ diversity will help us achieve KOYO’s goals. We focus on creating an inclusive working environment to maximize the potential of every employee.

In order to realize the vision of "undertaking a better life with innovative technology, rigorous quality and efficient service", we believe that respecting the diversity of employees can give everyone the best chance of success, for which we have the strongest commitment.

▶ Diversity means difference

Working in KOYO, no one will be treated unfairly because of his or her race, color, sex, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, education or belief.

KOYO employees adhere to high ethical standards and respect the rights and dignity of everyone, including customers, employees, suppliers, competitors and government official

We firmly believe that the diversity of employees can add value to the company.

▶ KOYO talent strategy

KOYO’s success is attributed to the efforts of all employees. KOYO talent strategy defines our priority of achieving global business growth.

KOYO talent strategy is based on the core values of our company and covers the seven human resources aspirations formulated to realize the business strategy.

Our goal is to establish a highly motivated and dedicated work team relying on talent management. We provide three career development paths for employees, namely leadership, project management and expert, and create an attractive and exciting working environment for existing employees and potential employees in the future.

Growing In KOYO

KOYO offers a variety of attractive positions around the world for you, whether you are a student, a fresh graduate or an employee with rich work experience. If you are willing to accept challenges, contact different cultures, and are willing to work in a dynamic and exciting environment, KOYO is your most correct choice.

▶ Employee Development

The future is in your hands! In the field of elevators and escalators, KOYO brand means intelligence, innovation and service.

The success of KOYO depends on the quality of its employees.

In addition to the professional skills of employees, KOYO seeks, retains and develops suitable employees in the following aspects:
Customer oriented
People oriented
Achievement oriented

Training Plan:

The rapid development and outstanding performance of the company benefit from the profound corporate culture and excellent talent team, as well as the people-oriented core concept. We are committed to seeking a win-win situation between enterprise development and employee growth, and organically combine enterprise development with employee career development. In KOYO, you should not only participate in vocational skills training, but also choose to participate in relevant courses according to your personal needs and interests.

Our training is divided into five categories: new employee induction training, management training, vocational skills and qualification training, post skills, work process, quality, concept and ideological method. Through external lecturers and external training, internal training, skill training, competition, evaluation, and skill appraisal training, we can comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees.

The rapid development of the company provides more opportunities and space for the development of employees.

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Career Development Programs:

Recognize your potential
KOYO always takes a long-term view of the development of employees. We will assess your potential in advance and work with you to develop a career development plan that allows you to reach your full potential. To better achieve this, our annual development evaluation for employees is the key factor. This is a good opportunity for you and your supervisor or manager to review and evaluate your personal performance and expectations, discuss areas worthy of improvement, and clarify your training needs. This will not only help you maximize your potential in your current position, but also promote you to improve your skills and expertise for the future.

Working In KOYO

▶ Voice from employees:

Compensation and Benefits

KOYO’s salary structure consists of basic salary, bonus and other welfare items. All subsidiaries of the company follow the same salary policy of the head office, which not only considers the company's profitability and internal fairness, but also refers to the individual performance of employees and the local market.

Bonus and incentive

KOYO has always adhered to a reasonable bonus and incentive system. For management, floating salary accounts for a greater part of personal income.

Competitive salary level

KOYO pays employees according to the market level and ensures the competitiveness of its own salary level through regular market research. Each manager has the responsibility to fully communicate the salary with his or her team members under the advice of the HR department.

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“Promote myself, prove myself, and forge ahead with KOYO”

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“Do with whole heart, Be as the honest”

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“Enjoy happiness and harvest wealth from daily work”

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