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KOYO sales department organized a party.


Outstanding companies can strengthen the employee's cohesive force, outstanding employees can lead the corporate values and culture. Recently, KOYO sales department organized a party. On Friday sunny afternoon, everyone gathered on the shore of Yunhu Lake to enjoy dinners, share happiness. They had a great time and had no restrictions. The party brings not only the familiarity in life, but more importantly, the tacit understanding of work and mutual familiarity of working ideas. This party demonstrated the power of teamwork and enhanced the friendship between members.

Team building is also to build a cohesive corporate culture. Corporate culture is a commonplace issue. The establishment of corporate culture will affect the competitiveness and cohesion of enterprises. Corporate culture may affect employees' work enthusiasm. If most of the employees agree with the company's corporate culture, then employees will work together to work hard. They will find their destination under the structure of corporate culture. Building a cohesive corporate culture requires managers to work hard to discover. The company's personnel structure, industry, and goals are all factors that affect corporate culture. It is necessary to consider whether employees in today's society are suitable for this corporate culture, and also consider whether this corporate culture is sustainable. As the old saying goes, "a twisted melon is not sweet", so we must know that brute force is not as good as heartfelt. At this time, it is also a coup to use corporate culture to improve the enthusiasm of employees. This is also an effective way to promote the long-term development of enterprises.

Corporate culture may also affect employees' perceptions of leaving, a company with a good corporate culture has good values, beliefs and ways of doing things. When employees are in the company, they will inevitably be affected by the corporate culture. The corporate culture not only affects the company, but also affects the personal growth of the employees. A good corporate culture is absorbed by employees and can contribute to the company, family and society. A bad corporate culture is absorbed by employees, which is indeed harmful to employees and society. Therefore, building a healthy corporate culture and a cohesive corporate culture is the top priority. Every behavior of employees should be limited by a healthy and cohesive corporate culture. So that affects how employees feel about leaving. A lot of team building and building a cohesive corporate culture are also measures to reduce the frequency of employee turnover.

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