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On the morning of January 14, the weather was still cold, and KOYO Elevator held a heartwarming event as scheduled. The sales bonus distribution ceremony of Tongyou Elevator was warm in the training room.

In the eyes of employees, remuneration is not only their own labor income, but to a certain extent, it represents the employee's own value, the company's recognition of the employee's work, and even the employee's personal ability and development prospects. Therefore, a competitive salary can give employees a sense of belonging. At the same time, employee benefits are also very important. Employee benefits will make employees feel the warmth of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to provide competitive compensation and benefits.

Compensation generally includes basic compensation, variable compensation, short-term incentives, equity plans, etc. Among them, basic compensation and variable compensation are the core part of comprehensive compensation. The base salary is usually determined according to the position or ability. For example, most sales positions in the company are based on basic salary plus variable salary, that is, commission. However, base compensation alone does not create enough competitive advantage to maximize the potential of employees, so we need to strengthen the role of variable compensation. Variable compensation includes bonuses, short-term bonuses, long-term incentives, and more.

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