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About KOYO’s Staff Training


In order to make all employees of the company understand the work skills and knowledge, and improve the professionalism of the work. On March 1, KOYO Elevator organized a fire drill for all staff and completed it successfully.

We all know that the personnel structure of a company is generally a pyramid structure. As a result, most people are not promoted. Because the higher the position, the more limited the number. Therefore, at this time, we must expand the career development channel of employees, give them space for horizontal development, and make them into compound talents. In this way, employees are developed and the company benefits. Training opportunities are not provided by every company. If the company often provides constructive training, employees will definitely appreciate the company from the bottom of their hearts. In general, employees who think they have the opportunity to be promoted will reduce the occurrence of turnover events. To sum up, it is very necessary to expand the career channel of employees.

Training is the need for employees' career development. Different employees need different knowledge and skills in different positions, so employees' career paths are different. A series of targeted training must be carried out for employees in order to make different employees more competent at work. While training improves the knowledge level and work ability of employees, the enthusiasm and subjective initiative of work will also be greatly mobilized, so as to achieve the goal of self-realization of employees.

Employees attach great importance to their career development channels. As the saying goes: "A soldier who doesn't want to be a general is not a good soldier." Therefore, the company must give employees hope and provide training to employees, so that employees can be motivated and feel that they are qualified for leadership. During the training process, attention should be paid to the cultivation of abilities, targeted assessment of employees, evaluation of training effects, and formulation of training improvement plans. Finally, we need to collect training data and analyze the benefits of training.

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