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    Panoramic Elevator-Exquisite and beautiful design, lifting your life

    Classy and luxurious

    KOYO sightseeing elevator focuses on the design concept of permeability of modern architecture. It makes the surrounding environment an integral part of the building structure. Shuttling through light and air, passengers can have a dynamic experience of visual movement and enjoy the perfect combination of travel comfort and visual beauty.

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    TGJ series sightseeing elevator with machine room and TGJW Series sightseeing elevator without machine room can meet the requirement for square, diamond, round or other sightseeing methods, which is applicable to shopping malls, CBD, hotels.

    Having adopted multi-dimensional spatial thinking innovation technology, KOYO can design and produce multiple types of sightseeing car with firm structure and novel appearance. It can realize sightseeing in four directions at most. While taking the sightseeing elevator, one can not only observe the charming scenery around the building and savor the wonderful and comfortable life, but also realize one’s dream of flying in the brilliant and lustrous sky.

    Our TGJ series, with a large viewing area, can provide a broader view.

    Integrated with the building and surroundings, the glass cover of KOYO’s sightseeing elevator is not only a part of the building, but also a beautiful mobile scenery.

    The FPR structure of the sightseeing elevator perfectly shows the compact space and the overall beauty. The elevator usually adopts round, semi-round and square structure, which can give passengers a different riding experience.

    KOYO sightseeing elevators are widely applied in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, real estate development companies, banks, government buildings, exhibition halls, subway exit and entrance, schools, private villas, etc.



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