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The results are all over the world, representing the Chinese manufacturing to the world

KOYO products have been sold well in 122 countries around the world, we support a better a life

Who we are

Founded in Kunshan City in 2002, Koyo Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern elevator enterprise integrating elevator design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance. In December 2015, as a sponsor and partner of the South African government, under the leadership of Chairman Wang Mingfu, the company team participated in the Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation with President Xi Jinping. KOYO is also the only national brand elevator enterprise in the summit.


The company introduces Germany's most advanced elevator technology and adopts world-class production equipment. Adhering to Germany's exquisite manufacturing technology, the company combines the characteristics of Chinese traditional aesthetics and creates high-quality elevators in Kunshan production base for users at home and abroad. The company has obtained national double A elevator manufacturing and installation license, and passed the ISO9001 product quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 (OHSAS18001) and the European CE international system certification issued by the German TUV (Technischen Uberwachungs-Vereine). The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise and one of the top ten well-known brand enterprises for its recognized product quality.

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KOYO elevator has established Phase II full intelligent automatic production base, covering an area of 128,000 square meters. The designed annual manufacturing capacity is 30,000 elevators and 13,000 escalators. It is expected to build one of the current national ultra-high standard elevator test towers with a total height of 139m. The new factory will be officially put into operation in 2016. Its advantage is that it adopts the most advanced automatic production equipment in the world, mainly producing standard elevators and escalators. It can also produce 200-meter horizontal span automatic walkways.

KOYO always adheres to the business policy of "focusing on customer needs, making continuous innovation and change", upholds the service concept of "efficient, fast, smooth and high-quality", and constantly meets the growing market demand with high-quality products and professional services. The company is booming with its professionalism of "green environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation". At the same time, it will continue to serve users at home and abroad with a pragmatic, sincere and enthusiastic attitude.

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Mission,vision& core value


Achieve “Made in China” with mission


Undertake a better life with innovative technology, rigorous quality and efficient service

Core Value

Supporter of a better life


Support a Better Life

Why choose us?

Business Advantage

1. The first company to reach VDA6.3 quality standards of German automobile industry and pass through the German TUV three-in-one system certification. Its manufacturing adopts visualized Kanban management. It is the world's most advanced automatic flow production line.

2. Excellent R&D and design team, with undergraduate R&D personnel accounting for over 80% of the R&D team and graduate students accounting for 10%.


Product Advantage

1. The car frame, counterweight frame and other main structural accessories are welded or spliced with channel steel while other manufacturers mostly use steel plate bending. Besides, the elevator weight is heavier than that of other manufacturers.

2. Paying attention to every production detail
(1) All screws are high strength screws above grade 8.8
(2) Each elevator shaft part is packed after matching the screw with the shaft part before leaving the factory

3. High precision solid guide rail is adopted to bring a stable and comfortable feeling to the elevator.

Enterprise show

Brand history


KOYO Elevator Co., LTD is established



Germany Koln Rail way Station


Develop 27.3°escalator and use it in Italy Sicily Subway project


Italy Milano International Airport<br>The first Chinese elevator enterprise which wins International airport project in Europe South Africa is established


Develop 4 m/s, 8units group control, VVVF passenger elevator


Develop KYM series elevator and escalator control system


Become 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup’s supplier


Develop 90°opening door passenger elevator


Achieve Venezuela Subway Station project


Achieve manufacturing license for car parking system


Achieve Sri Lanka International Airport project


140 acres new modern factory start to build


Achieve Mexico City International Airport project


Supply public transportation service to Milano World Expo, provide convenience to 150000 visitors.The first Chinese enterprise which offers solution to elevators and escalators in American AirportAchi


Achieve Italy Subway station reconstruction project

KOYO International Distributor Conference

Won the Escalator Project at Estonia Tallinn International Airport

history (1)

Completed GIANT food stores project in Philadelphia, US. Completed China Guiyang High-speed Rail station project.

history (3)

Completed Mexico Airport Project

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Company honor

KOYO products have been sold well in 122 countries around the world, we support a better a life

Cooperative customer

Servicing customers is important, Working with heart is more important

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