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KOYO Elevator Sales Training

KOYO Elevator Sales Training


In order to promote the further development of the company's basic business and sales business, KOYO Elevator Human Resources Department invited sales consultants to our company on November 6, 2019, to conduct business training on basic principles of sales, sales skills, and other business aspects. To help company business colleagues better serve customers.


The Gold Medal Counselor Gao Zhaojun of this training will answer the questions about sales that are of most concern to you, bottlenecks encountered in sales and the finalization of sales. They will overcome many of your work doubts.

The training sessions were also interspersed with group discussions, group competition speeches, etc. In order to activate the live atmosphere, the lecturer also led everyone to interactive games and so on.


During the class, everyone listened carefully, took notes, and actively found problems, asked questions, and found solutions to problems through interaction with the teacher.

Through this training course, everyone also has a deeper understanding of sales skills. I hope that this training will increase their sales in the future!